Hipbone for iOS

Never lose your health data, even if you lose your phone. Hipbone is an iOS app that backs up Health App data to Dropbox. Hipbone was created using Open mHealth’s Granola serialization library.

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Using all of the features of the Open mHealth platform, Linq is a way for people to collaborate with their doctor on health tracking using the apps and devices they love.

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PAM (Photographic Affect Meter,) created by JP Pollack and the Cornell Interaction Design lab, is a better way to capture people’s emotional state using their mobile phones and communicate that information to their care team.

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Mobility is an open-source activity-tracking app that allows users to own all of their data. It can passively sense data like sedentary state and driving, in addition to tracking the usual types of physical activity data. 

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ohmage self-report

ohmage is an open-source participatory sensing technology platform. ohmage mobile apps are rich survey tools to help individuals, developers and researchers gather and make better use of self-reported data.

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Open mHealth partnered with a PTSD patient to aggregate data he collected via multiple devices and apps, creating a data visualization for him and his clinician.

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PTSD Explorer

Open mHealth developed a web app called ClinVis that allowed clinicians to visually monitor a patient’s depression levels over time and better understand when to intervene.

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Trialist for chronic pain

Trialist is a ‘N-of-1′ tool that provides statistical indication of whether Treatment A or Treatment B is more effective at controlling patients’ pain.

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Type 1 diabetes

Open mHealth built an integrated system that enabled data from different devices and apps to be brought together in a single interface, allowing a patient and her provider to better understand and manage her diabetes.

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