Your phone is a powerful sensor. It can measure your location, how fast you’re moving and much much more. What if we could use our phone to interpret our mobility? Existing products and solutions help people visualize their movement, but these tend to be platform-agnostic.


Cornell Tech’s Small Data Lab wanted to build such an app that was premised on open, could be integrated with other apps to provide more context via a Restful API and be be available on both Android and iOS. Using the Open mHealth storage component and data point API. They were able to add Google+ login to handle authentication.


Mobility is an open-source alternative to other proprietary applications that allow a user to track mobility traces. With Mobility, users own all of their data. It can passively sense data like sedentary state and driving, in addition to tracking the usual types of physical activity data. Mobility is available on iOS and Android, and it is powered by Open mHealth.