Dr. Julia Hoffman from the Veteran Affairs (Menlo Park, CA) developed an app called PTSD Coach, aimed at helping veterans (and non-vets) with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to manage their condition with self-reporting tools. While the app was reaching hundreds of thousands of patients, it was becoming increasingly difficult for Dr. Hoffman and her clinician colleagues to effectively use patient’s data, and translate insights into better patient care. The VA needed a way to better integrate and share the data the app produced to provide a more comprehensive view of a patients’ health.


Open mHealth partnered with Dr. Hoffman, additional clinicians, and patients from Stanford University to use the Open mHealth to help patients using PTSD Coach to better share the data they collected with their doctor.


Open mHealth developed a web app called ClinVis that translated data collected using PTSD Coach into trended subjective units of depression (SUD) scores. This allowed Dr. Hoffman and other clinicians to visually monitor a patient’s depression levels over time and better understand when to intervene.