IEEE 1752.1 Standard Published

By Simona Carini on October 19, 2021 - Sign up for free updates here

The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society-sponsored, Open mHealth-initiated IEEE P1752.1™ project was published last month: IEEE 1752.1-2021 – IEEE Standard for Open Mobile Health Data–Representation of Metadata, Sleep, and Physical Activity Measures. [1] The IEEE Std 1752.1 document is available through the IEEE Standards Store and IEEE Xplore. The standard’s web page also includes links to the publication. The schemas, … Read more >

Open mHealth-driven IEEE P1752.2 Starts July 6

By Simona Carini on June 11, 2021 - Sign up for free updates here

The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society-sponsored IEEE P1752.1™ project started work in February 2018. People from around the world participated in the Working Group, which developed a standard document and standardized representations (schemas) for sleep measures, physical activity measures and metadata. The draft schemas are published on the 1752 IEEE OpenSource website. Both draft document and schemas have been … Read more >

Open mHealth at DiMe’s ‘The Playbook: Driving Adoption’ Event (April 30)

By Simona Carini on April 27, 2021 - Sign up for free updates here

On Friday April 30, starting at 10 am ET, the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) will host a public online event to present The Playbook: Driving Adoption, the result of a six-month collaborative work by participants from some 25 organizations. During the event, over 100 new action-oriented resources will be unveiled, which will make it easier to: Access information from … Read more >

Industry Collaboration Accelerating Mobile Health Data Standards [xpost from IHE]

By David Haddad on January 16, 2020 - Sign up for free updates here

Data Standards Alert! RE: Mobile Health. Calling all interested parties to join this effort. We need you! One of longest standing jokes in the data standards world is the ongoing creation of yet another standard. That ends now. The new trend is to take leading efforts and synthesize them to eliminate silos, collaborate and leverage … Read more >

How Wittgenstein can help you explain and use an mHealth schema

By David Haddad on January 13, 2020 - Sign up for free updates here

I’m often asked about what Open mHealth does. While we do offer tools to help you use patient-generated health data (like OMH-to-FHIR and Shimmer), the essence of Open mHealth is and always will be an open data standard. It’s been our remit since day one. In this post I’m going to break down what an Open mHealth data standard is … Read more >

What does mHealth mean in 2020?

By David Haddad on January 3, 2020 - Sign up for free updates here

I’ve been pondering the word “mHealth” and its place in this new year and decade. I’m going to walk through the term’s history and how it’s changed over the last decade or so.  Mobile phones are tools There hasn’t been a tool as transformative to mankind as the mobile phone.  Mobile phones are in everyone’s … Read more >

Health Data Manifesto

By David Haddad on October 14, 2019 - Sign up for free updates here

A specter is haunting healthcare–the specter of health data interoperability. Health data is scattered. It’s in hospitals, proprietary cloud-environments and in research organizations. Not only is health data scattered, it’s also different. Different in format. Different in meaning. For the last four years we at Open mHealth have been making mobile health data more accessible to all through … Read more >

OmH-on-FHIR at HL7 FHIR DevDays (June 10-12)

By Simona Carini on May 10, 2019 - Sign up for free updates here

Simona Carini (Open mHealth) and Eric Haas (Health eData) will co-present the “Open mHealth (OmH) and FHIR” session at the upcoming HL7 FHIR DevDays in Redmond, WA, on Tuesday June 11, 11:20 am to 12:00 pm. HL7 FHIR DevDays is a 3-day event (June 10-12) where IT professionals in healthcare can learn about FHIR in a collaborative environment. The … Read more >

Meetup – San Francisco – November 5th

By David Haddad on November 15, 2018 - Sign up for free updates here

In this video, you’ll learn about how the Open mHealth standard is evolving in the IEEE working group as well as how to map OMH schemas to FHIR resources.

Join us on November 5th

By Simona Carini on October 26, 2018 - Sign up for free updates here

For those of you who are in the Bay Area, this is an introduction to how we’re bridging Open mHealth schemas and FHIR resources for integration into the EHR using SMART-on-FHIR Open mHealth, FHIR, and Beyond MeetUp Monday November 5 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm RSVP today (seats are limited): DESCRIPTION Wondering how to … Read more >