With the latest release of iOS 8 users have been generating health data and collecting it in the Health app. But the Health app data just stays on the phone. What if you lose your phone? Switch to another platform? Or just want to do something with that data?


Apple provides a very nice SDK called HealthKit which allow any app to add to and get data out of the Health app. But if we are going to get the data off the phone, we’re going to need a way to serialize that data to a format that’s easy to digest. Open mHealth built Granola, a healthful serialization library which maps HealthKit data to Open mHealth-compliant JSON.


To showcase the power of Granola, created Hipbone, a simple, standalone iOS app that lets users sync their Health app data to Dropbox. Once a user downloads the app and connects to Dropbox, the app will sync their data to Dropbox every time there is new Health app data on the device. All powered by Granola.

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