Even though there are lots of sensors on the phone, researchers might want to get more context from users by asking questions throughout their treatment or therapy. It’s hard to find a self-report solution. Sometimes you can’t capture a lot of data with the sensors.


Ohmage is an open-source participatory sensing technology platform. It supports expressive project authoring; mobile phone-based data capture through both inquiry-based surveys and automated data capture as well as temporally and/or spatially triggered reminders, data visualization and real-time feedback; privacy respecting data management; and extensible data exploration. All captured data are automatically timestamped, geocoded and uploaded for analysis and visualization.

ohmage has three fundamental use cases: individuals can use the app to record and analyze their own data; developers can run or extend homage; and researchers can use the app to help stage a research study. The ohmage app is available for Android and iOS devices; to learn more, visit the ohmage project site.