Open mHealth partnered with “Joe”, a 34-year old Army veteran who served in Afghanistan and is now in the reserves and has been diagnosed with PTSD. He uses a combination of medication (Paxil for depression and PTSD, Klonipin for anxiety and Tylenol #3 for a related knee injury) and uses avoidance coping mechanisms to balance his life, work and family. He wants to get better and better manage his life, and his clinician, Dr. Hoffman, wants to help him use mobile health tools to better track and manage his PTSD symptoms. Open mHealth partnered with Joe and Dr. Hoffman to use the Open mHealth platform to integrate the following apps and devices:


Using the Open mHealth, data from the above devices and apps was uploaded and integrated into Ohmage, an Open mHealth compliant, cloud-based data storage app. Data was then pulled from Ohmage into a custom-designed data visualization. Through this integrated solution, powered by Open mHealth, Joe and Dr. Hoffman were able to gain insights about Joe’s health, improve his safety, and provide Dr. Hoffman with evidence that allowed her to take discrete clinical actions. For further information about how Open mHealth was used to help with Joe’s PTSD, see the full case study.