Introducing: Open mHealth Professional Services

By David Haddad on November 29, 2015 - Sign up for free updates here

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Professional Services line which will help organizations explore and implement the many solutions that need to use mobile health data.

We have understood that mobile health holds the power to transform the way we deliver healthcare and promote wellness. We’ve spent the better part of four years eating, sleeping, and breathing this new kind of data.

Health plans, insurance companies, big pharma, hospitals and employers are now realizing this data can play a pivotal role within their organization. Influenced by the many conversations and requests we’ve had across the sector and in reflecting on our own experience, we believe NOW is the perfect time for us to share our expertise to help others unlock the power of mobile health data.

How do we do it?

We start by working with clients to understand their needs, resources, and goals. From there, we propose vendor-agnostic technical solutions that we can help build and implement. Whether it’s a prototype or an enterprise-grade system, our agile approach allows organizations to spend resources on solutions that deliver value.

In addition, we offer Platform Support & Installation services to assist organizations with the implementation and on-going support of Open mHealth technology.

To date, no other company we know of offers services solely focused on empowering organizations to leverage mobile health data. We know there is a real need out there. Through our years of experience designing and building technologies and practices around this data, we believe that we are the best organization to fill this need. From modeling data generated by wearable devices to designing and building systems that utilize major mobile health APIs, we know mobile health data arguably better than anyone else.

We’re even more excited to offer these services in a way that benefits the community as a whole. Because Open mHealth is a non-profit, community-driven organization, all net proceeds from these services are directly reinvested into building community around Open mHealth’s mission of building an open standard and tools to promote greater access to mobile health data. Our goal is make enough of a margin to keep our mission going—not maximize profit.  

A big thank you to our community, my co-founders Deborah and Ida, the advisory board, and our sponsors.

We would love to talk with you about these new offerings and what we can do to help you make the most of mobile health data. To learn more, drop by our website,, or give us a call at (415) 935-0717.

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