Integrate data from health apps and devices, EHRs, or Apple’s HealthKit


Fast, free, open-source.

Shimmer: the first open-source health data aggregator

Shimmer makes it easy to pull health data from popular third-party APIs like Runkeeper and Fitbit. It converts that data into an Open mHealth compliant format, letting your application work with clean and clinically meaningful data.

Within hours, you’ll be integrating health app and device data without spending a cent.

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Granola: save HealthKit data off-device

If you’re a developer interested in building iOS apps that store HealthKit data off the device -perhaps a remote server for analysis or backup – Granola can help you format your data.

Granola spares you the effort of mapping HealthKit’s API to JSON yourself, and emits JSON that validates against schemas developed by Open mHealth to ensure the data is intuitive and clinically meaningful.

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Pulse: import and export EHR data in a more clinically meaningful way

Pulse helps you map HL7 data to Open mHealth’s clinically meaningful schemas. This helps you get your application’s data into EHRs – where providers are more likely to see it – in a more uniform way.

It also helps you get data out of EHRs in a standard format, so that you can do whatever you need with it.

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