IEEE 1752.1 Standard Published

By Simona Carini on October 19, 2021 - Sign up for free updates here

The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society-sponsored, Open mHealth-initiated IEEE P1752.1™ project was published last month: IEEE 1752.1-2021 – IEEE Standard for Open Mobile Health Data–Representation of Metadata, Sleep, and Physical Activity Measures. [1]

The IEEE Std 1752.1 document is available through the IEEE Standards Store and IEEE Xplore.

The standard’s web page also includes links to the publication.

The schemas, which constitute the normative portion of the standard, are published and publicly available on the IEEE 1752 Open-source site

Congratulations to the many people who contributed to develop the standard.

In the meantime, the work continues. IEEE P1752.2™, Standard for Mobile Health Data: Representation of Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Metabolic Measures officially started on July 6, under the leadership of Dr. Ida Sim, P1752 Working Group Chair and co-founder of Open mHealth.

To join the 1752 listserv, follow the instructions at the bottom of the IEEE P1752 Working Group website to get invited to WG meetings, learn how the project progresses and how you can contribute to it.

[1] “IEEE Standard for Open Mobile Health Data—Representation of Metadata, Sleep, and Physical Activity Measures,” in IEEE Std 1752.1-2021 , vol., no., pp.1-24, 16 Sept. 2021, doi: 10.1109/IEEESTD.2021.9540821.

Forward any questions you may have to P1752 Secretary at simona AT openmhealth DOT org

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