Why Open mHealth?

By David on February 24, 2012 - Sign up for free updates here

We want to share some of our thoughts on the matter:

  • Mobile phones offer affordable, proximate, personalized, and continuous measurement and interaction, supporting chronic disease prevention and management as part of daily life, 24×7.
  • The data streams generated by mHealth applications contribute simultaneously to three essential feedback loops: participant self-care, clinical care, and research evidence.
  • The most significant innovation bottleneck is the slow evolution and validation of sensemaking techniques for extracting and evaluating relevant data features and patterns to drive these feedback loops.

Openmhealth.org aims to catalyze an open community and bootstrap rapid cycles of design, deployment, learning, sharing, and evidence generation; allowing innovators and entrepreneurs to focus on their unique market offerings while increasing the validity, robustness and efficiency of shared components and methods.

Together we want to flip the direction of research inference on its head, generating population-level evidence from personal evidence, rather than the other way around.

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