We’re hiring an executive assistant

By David on July 16, 2012 - Sign up for free updates here

The role: Executive Assistant

Open mHealth is looking for an executive assistant who can devote 25-35 hours/week to us achieve our goal of breaking down the barriers between health and tech. Most of the work will be done remotely, although we will give preference for someone in New York or San Francisco. Weekly duties include 20 hours of virtual assisting, 5 hours of partner facing communication, and 5-10 hours of basic bookkeeping.


  • Calendar and contact management
  • Schedule team and board meetings
  • Assist with special events
  • Attend weekly team calls, take notes, summarize reports, assist with presentation materials
  • Travel Planning
  • Bookkeeping – handle contractor pay-outs and purchasing, write contracts

Experience required

We’re looking for someone who is smart, organized, has strong verbal and written skills, can field different request from team members and partners and help problem solve, is high energy, passionate about learning, trustworthy and is always 10 steps ahead of the team.  You should be excellent at using the Internet, research, email, social media.  NOTE: This is not an entry-level position. You MUST have at least 1+ years experience with a C-Level executive.

How we’ll hire

First you will fill out an application here. Then we’ll do a 5-minute interview. If you are a finalist, we will email you with a detailed task to do (and pay you for your time).

About Open mHealth

More people on earth have a mobile phone than have access to clean water. Apps on these phones can help us stay healthier by collecting and delivering data about our own health. But with today’s mHealth apps, the data is coming at users unfiltered, rather than being processed into more useful guides for action. This problem is only going to intensify as all kinds of new sensors and apps are developed that generate even more data.

Open mHealth is a non-profit startup building an open source way to break down the barriers between health and tech so that experts can share, reuse, and work together to improve data tools and techniques. Open approaches have been shown to accelerate innovation and solutions in many industries, and it can do so in mHealth too. With open approaches, mHealth will reach its full potential faster. Come join www.openmhealth.org

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