Open mHealth is headed to the mHealth Summit!

By David on November 19, 2012 - Sign up for free updates here

Open mHealth is proud to announce that we’re going to the 2012 mHealth Summit on December 3 – 5, in Washington DC. We’re going to be showcasing (with our co-host the The Robert Wood Johnson’s Pioneer Portfolio) the power of integration using an open architecture across two disease domains–Type 1 Diabetes and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)–and 12 different technical partners. Something that’s never been done before in mHealth.

We’ve partnered and will be featuring at the Summit: Alex Freeman (a real Type 1 diabetic), Brian Venerick (a veteran with PTSD), Bodymedia, Runkeeper, Greendot, Entra, Qualcomm Life’s 2Net, the Interaction Design Lab at Cornell University, Kaiser Permanente, Intel, Microsoft’s Health Vault, Ginger.ioVeteran Affairs’ National Center for PTSD and Ohmage.

The future of health care is such that patients and clinicians will need to use more than one application to build data richness that’s necessary to get meaningful insight into a person’s health status. We believe that by showcasing how a number of apps and devices can be integrated to make sense of health data, we can enable health innovators to build applications using an open architecture and demonstrate how such an architecture can facilitate rapid development, participatory design of apps and more seamless data liquidity while also protecting patient privacy.

Join Us

Come check out Open mHealth and our partners:

  • At our booth on the mHealth Summit Exhibition Floor (Booth 216 and 901)
  • At a panel discussion with co-founder, Deborah Estrin on Monday at 2:45pm
  • An Open mHealth special panel on Tuesday at 5pm
  • Give lightening talks at our booth and much much more
 As the mHealth Summit approaches, we look forward to sharing more exciting announcements with you. If you are interested in becoming a funding partner with us at the Summit, please send an email to We’d also love to see you at the Summit. Tickets can be purchased here.

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