Open mHealth Case Study: Diabetes

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Open mHealth Case Study - Diabetes


Type 1 diabetics are continuously self monitoring. Between tracking blood glucose level and insulin, they also have to keep an eye on how much they eat and how much activity their getting. While there’s an app to track blood glucose levels and an app to track activity, there isn’t a simple way to integrate these various data streams together to help tell the patient story.


For the 2012 mHealth Summit, Open mHealth partnered with Type 1 diabetic Alex Freeman (a 24 year old pediatric RN) and her doctor Dr. Saleh Adi (Co-founder of Green Dot to use the open mHealth architecture to make it easier for a patient and clinician to manage a Type 1 diabtes.

We partnered with:

  • Entra Health Systems
  • A&D Scale
  • Qualcomm Life’s 2Net Hub
  • Bodymedia
  • Runkeeper
  • PAM (Photographic Affect Meter)
  • Ohmage
  • GreenDot Diabetes


Using the Open mHealth architecture, the above devices were uploaded and integrated via Ohmage—an open mHealth compliant, cloud-based data storage app. Integrated data are then pulled from Ohmage into two visualization tools:

  • My Comparisons – a mobile tool for data comparison
  • ‘blip’ – a web application built by GreenDot Diabetes

Through an integrated view of Alex’s condition, both Alex and Dr. Adi are able to improve upon self-learning/management, increased accountability, improved sensitivity to hypoglycemic symptoms and increase Alex’s sense of safety.

For a detailed look into how Open mHealth helped Alex and Dr. Adi manage her diabetes check out our case study.

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