Health Data Manifesto

By David Haddad on October 14, 2019 - Sign up for free updates here

A specter is haunting healthcare–the specter of health data interoperability.

Health data is scattered. It’s in hospitals, proprietary cloud-environments and in research organizations. Not only is health data scattered, it’s also different.

Different in format. Different in meaning.

For the last four years we at Open mHealth have been making mobile health data more accessible to all through an open standardopen-source tools and community.

We are not alone in this fight.

We are joined by efforts like FHIR, BlueButton, SMART and more all tirelessly working to solve the challenges of health data interoperability at various parts of the health data ecosystem.

Without these collective efforts we cannot transform the current state of healthcare.

We have written some principles which we call the Health Data Manifesto. These values inspire us to continue making health data meaningful for all. We have come to value:

Transparency And Clarity over ambiguity and obscurity.

Open Community Collaboration over top-down standardization.

Extensible frameworks over static standards.

Simplicity over complexity.

Rough consensus and running code over bureaucratic black boxes

Utility for patients and clinicians today over building the perfect system without feedback

Patient-centered data over clinician-centered data

If you, like us, value the items more on the left than those on the right, then sign the manifesto today.

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