What clinicians care about

  1. Moderate Activity: 'Minutes of moderate-intensity activity' is a metric that clinicians are trained to care about and advise their patients on. The CDC recommends that people get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week. The big challenge with this metric is that it is difficult for patients to understand when their activity is at a 'moderate' level.
  2. Any activity is better than none: regardless of the above focus on moderate activity, clinicians also are realistic and understand that movement is better than being sedentary.

Graphing considerations

  • Consider showing the user's activity in relation to their goal
  • Think about showing not only moderate activity, but other types of activity as well (like light activity.)

Graph example (scroll to zoom)

Below is an interactive graph that illustrates a few of the principles outlined above.

Source Code

To experiment with the code that rendered this graph, check out this JSFiddle