Have you been hearing about how Fitbit trackers and bluetooth scales will revolutionize health and wellness? Do you want to integrate these kinds of data into your own products or services?

Whether you’re just starting to think about mobile health data, or you have already tried to integrate with one of the many platforms, there are countless challenges to navigate. Wildly different data formats, API idiosyncrasies, timezone issues, and rate limits are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not as simple as waving a magic wand if you want a patient’s data to appear in your system. It’s just plain hard.

The Open mHealth team has spent the better part of four years understanding this dizzying array of data. We’ve worked hard integrating mobile health data into products and services, and we’ve helped other organizations think about how to do the same.

Now you can take advantage of that expertise by enrolling in the Data Integration course.


  • Anyone integrating mobile health data into their business.
  • Anyone having difficulty navigating the mobile health landscape.
  • Technically-oriented people trying to use mobile health APIs.
  • 4-hours of intensive, hands-on training in a small group environment
  • The tools necessary to make your health data integration work.
  • Certificate of Completion
  • A community of mobile health data ninjas
  • What the mobile health data landscape looks like today
  • What to expect when integrating: the risks and total costs
  • How to access mobile health data from a vendor API
  • How to integrate this data into your systems and applications
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