How Wittgenstein can help you explain and use an mHealth schema

I’m often asked about what Open mHealth does. While we do offer tools to help you use patient-generated health data (like OMH-to-FHIR and Shimmer), the essence of Open mHealth is and always will be an open data standard. It’s been our remit since day one. In this post I’m going to break down what an Open mHealth data standard is … Read more >

What does mHealth mean in 2020?

I’ve been pondering the word “mHealth” and its place in this new year and decade. I’m going to walk through the term’s history and how it’s changed over the last decade or so.  Mobile phones are tools There hasn’t been a tool as transformative to mankind as the mobile phone.  Mobile phones are in everyone’s … Read more >

Health Data Manifesto

A specter is haunting healthcare–the specter of health data interoperability. Health data is scattered. It’s in hospitals, proprietary cloud-environments and in research organizations. Not only is health data scattered, it’s also different. Different in format. Different in meaning. For the last four years we at Open mHealth have been making mobile health data more accessible to all through … Read more >

Hiring: Community Manager

The Community Manager will help lead the Open mHealth community by promoting discussion, shared experiences, and collaboration between the clinical, research and engineering communities around methods for exchanging mobile health data to improve the health of individuals and populations. Outcomes Respond to community questions in Github and email Maintain and manage the Open mHealth web … Read more >

mProv: A New Initiative To Create Provenance Infrastructure To Enable Sharing Of High-Frequency Mobile Sensor Data

A team of researchers from four universities – UCLA, UC San Francisco, University of Memphis and University of Pennsylvania – have been awarded a new data cyberinfrastructure grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The team will develop a new cyberinfrastructure called mProv to annotate high-frequency mobile sensor data with data source, quality, validity, and … Read more >

On HealthKit, Granola and JSON with Sherbit

This is a guest post by our friend Varun, Co-founder of Sherbit. Enter Varun. When building our iOS app, Sherbit, we were faced with a daunting task early on: integrating data from disparate sources and standardizing them in such a way that we could easily and dynamically create beautiful user-facing visualizations. At first, the solution seems simple. All … Read more >

Introducing: ResearchStack

Today we bring Android parity for mobile-based clinical studies. We introduce to you ResearchStack–the first Android framework for building and designing apps for clinical studies. With funding from the RWJF, Cornell Tech and Open mHealth, and development by touchlab, the project kicked off just five months ago to develop a way for developers and researchers with existing … Read more >

5 Reasons To Take The Official Data Integration Course

Sharing knowledge is, in itself, a process of on-going learning and iteration. This past January, we hosted our first Mobile Health Data Integration training. This training surveyed the landscape of mHealth data APIs and provided practical insights into how to access and integrate data from these sources. We received a great deal of positive feedback … Read more >