Welcome Anna de Paula Hanika to Open mHealth

We’d like to welcome Anna to the Open mHealth team, to join as our Director of Product Strategy and Marketing. I first met Anna when she reached out via our community manager position. It was clear after our call that she could be something much more to the team than just marketing support. Over the … Read more >

WebMD Supports Open mHealth in making data-driven patient care a reality

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/ESP4JVbGFYI”] I first met Nick Altebrando, Vice President, Product Management at WebMD, at the Hive in Washington, DC. We talked about the need for open protocols to get us away from siloed solutions so that designers, developers and business leaders can focus on the real innovation of making health data meaningful for all. Today … Read more >

HumanAPI 4th of July Hackathon

Open mHealth is proud to support HumanAPI, a startup helping developers turn health data into valuable consumer and healthcare applications through one, simple API. HumanAPI will be showcasing their API at a 24hr hackathon this week-end, where they will be giving healthcare and quantified self hackers the chance to build using various health and human … Read more >

We Have A Winner!

Co-sponsored by Heritage Provider Network, Open mHealth, and the University of California, Los Angeles, the Heritage Open mHealth Challenge was created to catalyze the development of mobile applications using an open architecture to help them communicate with one another and function on multiple devices. Today at Health Datapalooza IV, we’re happy to announce that the … Read more >

Open mHealth Case Study: PTSD

Joe is a 34-year old Army veteran who’s been diagnosed with PTSD. He served in Afghanistan ’06-’07, in addition to a previous deployment in Asia. Because Joe uses avoidance coping mechanisms to balance his life, work and family, he works with Dr. Hoffman to help track his progress so he can better manage his life.

Open mHealth Case Study: Diabetes

Type 1 diabetics are continuously self monitoring. Between tracking blood glucose level and insulin, they also have to keep an eye on how much they eat and how much activity their getting. While there’s an app to track blood glucose levels and an app to track activity, there isn’t a simple way to integrate these various data streams together to help tell the patient story.

Getting Started with the Heritage Open mHealth Challenge and Office Hours

Have you heard about our Heritage Challenge? Interested in improving the lives of patients through the Open mHealth technical approach? Interested in winning $100,000? Searching for a good idea? Well, here are a couple of starter projects to get the creative juices flowing Starter Project 1 Clinical domain: Diabetes management. Idea: Improve medication, diet adherence … Read more >

Heritage Open mHealth Challenge ($100K Prize)

Some of you may have already heard, but in case you haven’t, Open mHealth is proud to announce the Heritage Open mHealth $100K Challenge. We’re honored to be partnering with the Heritage Provider Network and UCLA to allow patients and clinicians to combine existing and emerging applications and devices to create integrated, personalized health solutions that enable improved disease management … Read more >

Happy Holidays from Open mHealth

From those of us here at Open mHealth, we’d like to wish you a happy holidays. Thank you for your support throughout this last year. Since September 2011, together we’ve grown the idea of an open mHealth architecture into something that is possible. We’re honored to have worked with a number of forward thinking organizations … Read more >