Open mHealth lead technology partner on $10.8 million NIH grant to develop digital health data analytics for assessing disease risk

By Ida Sim on October 9, 2014

Open mHealth is proud to be a lead technology partner on a team of top computer scientists, data scientists, engineering and health experts that has been awarded a $10.8M National Institute of Health (NIH) grant. The grant will fund the creation of a ‘Mobile Data to Knowledge (‘MD2K’) Center of Excellence’, 1 of 12 new NIH ‘Big Data to Knowledge’ (BD2K) National Centers of Excellence. The wider BD2K initiative aims to advance the use of big data technologies and practice by biomedical scientists to enable new discoveries that can improve medical practice. The collective ‘MD2K’ team is made up of individuals from 11 Universities across the US, and the center will be …

Teamwork & Tracking: reflections on Stanford Medicine X

By Katie McCurdy on September 17, 2014

For the last two years I’ve had the opportunity to attend and speak at the uniquely patient- and design-centered health conference, Medicine X. As any attendee will testify, Medicine X is an intense experience infused with heart-wrenching patient stories, presentations on innovative technologies and design processes, and lots of opportunities to informally chat with the interdisciplinary group of attendees. This year I was grateful to return to the conference with my team at Open mHealth; our co-founder Ida Sim announced a new product called Linq, which I’ll describe below in more detail, and I also had the pleasure of co-facilitating …

Open mHealth announces Linq – bringing digital health data into the heart of clinical practice today

By Anna de Paula Hanika on September 6, 2014

With leaps and bounds being made to enable consumers to track and collect digital health data (see recent announcements from Apple, Google, Samsung) there is still a huge gap in figuring out how to harness all this data to effectively improve health care. Today, at Stanford’s Medicine X — a health tech conference that explores how emerging technologies have the potential to improve and advance the practice of medicine — Open mHealth gave a sneak-preview of its first product initiative, Linq. Linq is built on the foundations of the Open mHealth open API platform and provides a way of bridging the …

Open mHealth is hiring for a Lead Software Engineer

By David Haddad on March 22, 2014

Job Description Open mHealth is building personalized, intelligent and data-driven healthcare through an open software architecture and intelligent solutions. As Lead Software Engineer, your scope will be from writing and reviewing code to making critical decisions about how to scale the open architecture and related products. You’ll need to be able to zoom in on the fine-grain details as well as zoom out on the product roadmap and make strategic decisions. You’ll be managing and motivating a small team of engineers and work closely with a cross-functional team of clinicians, data scientists, product managers and designers to define technical requirements, …

Springboard: Life Science seeking women-led businesses for 2014 accelerator program

By David Haddad on March 10, 2014

Springboard Enterprises is seeking women-led, investment-ready companies in the life science and healthcare sectors to participate in Springboard: Life Science 2014 – a four-month accelerator program that offers intense coaching opportunities with industry experts, investors, and seasoned entrepreneurs, as well as a two-day intensive Bootcamp workshop in Boston in May. The program also includes a range of presentation assessment opportunities. Open mHealth is supporting the program as a pipeline partner, as a strong supporter of female entrepreneurs across the industry. To date, 545 women-led companies have gone through Springboard’s accelerator programs, raising more than $6.2 billion in financing, creating tens of thousands …

Welcome Anna de Paula Hanika to Open mHealth

By David Haddad on February 21, 2014

We’d like to welcome Anna to the Open mHealth team, to join as our Director of Product Strategy and Marketing. I first met Anna when she reached out via our community manager position. It was clear after our call that she could be something much more to the team than just marketing support. Over the last six years, she’s been a Product Marketing Manager at Google and has worked on everything from the original Nexus One launch to the Google Art Project, from building up marketing for Google’s green efforts to developing the Global Impact Awards program, and more recently …

WebMD Supports Open mHealth in making data-driven patient care a reality

By David Haddad on December 17, 2013

I first met Nick Altebrando, Vice President, Product Management at WebMD, at the Hive in Washington, DC. We talked about the need for open protocols to get us away from siloed solutions so that designers, developers and business leaders can focus on the real innovation of making health data meaningful for all. Today we’re proud to announce a new collaboration with WebMD as we work together to unlock the potential of mobile health. WebMD’s work helps to strengthen the Open mHealth community framework and making it easier for developers to harness personal health data from disparate sources to tell better …

We Have A Winner!

By David Haddad on June 4, 2013

Co-sponsored by Heritage Provider Network, Open mHealth, and the University of California, Los Angeles, the Heritage Open mHealth Challenge was created to catalyze the development of mobile applications using an open architecture to help them communicate with one another and function on multiple devices. Today at Health Datapalooza IV, we’re happy to announce that the winner of the $100,000 Challenge is Mood Rhythm. Mood Rhythm is a mobile application (that runs on iOS and Android) that helps patients with bipolar disorder better monitor and analyze their daily rhythms and stay in balance. Launched in January of this year, the Heritage …

Kaiser Permanente, Qualcomm Life, WellTok and more support Open mHealth to catalyze an open mobile health ecosystem

By David Haddad on May 30, 2013

With 6 billion phones in people’s pockets worldwide, and over 20,000 health apps now in the marketplace, tracking everything from fitness to stress to sleep is becoming a part of modern life. But without an easy way to integrate these applications or their data, we have yet to unlock the full potential of mobile health (mHealth). Open mHealth is building the way to integrate apps and data, to provide deep, personalized insights for consumers and practitioners, and ultimately better health. Today, Open mHealth is proud to be leading the anchor panel at the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) Convergence Summit 2013. …

Open mHealth Case Study: PTSD

By admin on March 12, 2013

Joe is a 34-year old Army veteran who’s been diagnosed with PTSD. He served in Afghanistan ’06-’07, in addition to a previous deployment in Asia. Because Joe uses avoidance coping mechanisms to balance his life, work and family, he works with Dr. Hoffman to help track his progress so he can better manage his life.